Replacing Your Kitchen Faucet Spray Head How-To

If you need to replace the spray head on your kitchen faucet, check out our how-to video, or scroll down for step-by-step instructions.


Step 1: Unbox or unwrap your new spray head and have it ready, within arms reach of where you are replacing it.

Step 2: With the water off, pull the spray head down to expose the hose.

Step 3: Grip the hose with one hand (do not let go until you’re finished with the replacement). With the other hand, twist the spray head clockwise until it detaches.

spray head

Step 4: Install the new spray head by attaching it to the hose, and twisting counter-clockwise until tight. Tight enough that it is firmly attached, yet not too difficult to remove (for cleaning).

Step 5: Turn the water on and check for leaks before letting go of the hose.

finished installation of new sprayhead

Helpful hint: If you must let go of the hose when there is no head attached (or are cleaning the head), be sure to secure something around the hose to prevent it from pulling back into the faucet neck and becoming a challenge to retrieve. A rubber band or chip clip will work well, and neither will puncture the hose.