Why change a furnace filter?

Your furnace filter works to remove particles from your home’s air and also to prevent debris from entering your furnace and causing damage. If your heating and air conditioning come out of the same vents, then they are using the same blower and air filter.  That is why it’s important to routinely change your air filter throughout the year.

Dave Jones, Inc. video volunteer Ryan Black, demonstrates how to change a filter and explains why it is important to have the filter installed facing the correct direction.

Many air filters only need to be changed a few times a year, depending on model and type.  Be sure to check the instructions on your air filter to get the specific information for your type. It’s smart to check your air filter monthly if you have air quality concerns (like allergies, or pets) or after finishing up a project in your home that created a lot of dust (remodeling, sanding, drywall, etc.).

Helpful tip: Write the date of installation on the new filter so you can easily track when it was last changed.

A dirty filter can cause a reduction in airflow from your furnace or air conditioner, and if installed incorrectly it can potentially get sucked into your furnace and cause it to not operate.  If you have any problems with airflow from the vents in your home or a furnace that doesn’t seem to work properly, the first thing you want to do is to turn your furnace off and then check the filter.