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Touchless Tech

Touchless Fixtures

Touchless fixtures and technology have been around for a while but are now more relevant than ever. Some you may already know about, and some may be new, but all help to prevent the spend of germs and viruses. If you are ready to upgrade the fixtures in your home or business, give the team at Dave Jones a call.



U by Moen Faucet

U by Moen faucet with voice activation and measurement control, wave activation, and standard lever.

Touchless Faucets
Bathrooms and kitchen faucets are both frequently used and encounter some gross things. With a traditional lever faucet, a dirty hand would turn it on, and a clean hand would turn it off. The same lever!

Touchless faucets are a great solution. Your hand or an object activates a sensor, that turns the faucet on or off. In addition to the benefit of cleanliness, touchless faucets also offer convenience to those who have trouble reaching or using a traditional faucet.


Touchless Toilets
If you’ve used a public restroom, you’ve likely seen touchless toilets in use. They flush the toilet when the user moves away from the toilet. It’s not common to see these in homes but is a frequent upgrade in businesses. However, new home touchless toilets are in the works and will be available in the near future!


A bidet can be a standalone fixture or an add-on to your toilet. It uses a stream or spray of water to get that close clean usually associated with using toilet paper. Seen as more hygienic and without the waste of toilet paper, bidets are commonly used around the world but have yet to become a staple in the American household.



Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell wi-fi Thermostat and Mobile Phone With Honeywell App

Wi-Fi Thermostats
Some like it hot, and some like it cold, but if you prefer to be the only one in control of the temperature, then a Wi-Fi thermostat is your answer. You can password protect the thermostat itself (great for businesses) or use the free app to program and adjust the temperature from your cell phone. Some Wi-Fi thermostat models also have geofencing that can automatically adjust the temperature to eco-settings while you are away and kick it back to your preferred temperature setting so it is ideal when you return home. Plus, you can set up emergency notifications that can tell you when your home is too cold or too hot. If you are on vacation or away from home, a “too cold” notification can let you know there’s a problem with your HVAC before you come home to frozen pipes.

Another way to avoid HVAC problems is an annual furnace and a/c tune-ups.



Lights and Switches
There are two types of lights that can operate without touch. The first is light with photocells that detect when it gets dark and turns on. Also known as dusk & dawn lights, they are often used outdoors to provide light at night when there is no natural light.

The other type of light is a motion sensor light. They turn on when they sense motion and remain on until motion has not been sensed for a set period of time. A motion sensor is perfect for a laundry room, or any room where your hands are full when you enter or leave.

Both lights are great for homes and businesses and provide energy savings.

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