My A/C won’t make it through summer, and my furnace is pretty old too. Are there any benefits to replacing both the furnace and the air conditioner at the same time?

High Efficiency Furnace and Air ConditionerAbsolutely, replacing both the furnace and air conditioner at the same time means:

  • Saving Time – Yours and ours.
  • Saving Money – Savings on installation costs when we are able to install everything at once.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility – Mismatched units (age or brand) can function together.  However, replacing both the furnace and a/c at the same time means that the units are using the same technology and built to work together.
  • Focus on Energy Rebates – Most of our products qualify for Focus on Energy Rebates (2022). Homeowner is required to submit any necessary paperwork for the rebate. For more information:

Why choose Dave Jones, Inc. for your install? (Super short version)

  • We Listen – We first ask what YOUR needs and YOUR wants are before we suggest any products.  That way you won’t end up with a furnace or a/c conditioner that is too small or too big for you home.
  • Complimentary Maintenance 1-year After Install – The key to keeping equipment working properly is routine maintenance, and the first one is on us!


What brand does Dave Jones, Inc. carry?

We carry a selection of York® brand furnaces and air conditioners. The York® brand has been building quality products for over 140 years! Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation are why we at Dave Jones, Inc. recommend York® furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning units to our customers.

The team at Dave Jones, Inc. not only install York® products, but we are experts at it! Our technicians and installers receive training on these units in our fully functional in-house training room.  Contact us for a quote on your new, USA made, York® Furnace.