Similar to a tune-up on your car, we check to ensure your unit is working efficiently. If something needs to be repaired, we can do so before the problem gets worse and during regular service hours so you can avoid an emergency call or any discomfort caused by a broken furnace.

When we come out for a furnace tune-up we take a good hard look at the age and condition of your unit to create a customized checklist specifically for you.

Our checklist’s include:

  • Inspect thermostat and cycle rate
  • Inspect exhaust vent and intake air piping
  • Perform electronic gas lead detection around furnace
  • Cycle all furnace controllers
  • Inspect and test on/off power switch
  • Test primary and secondary voltages and breakers
  • Clean and lubricate indoor blower motor assembly/motor
  • Clean, inspect and test combustion motor (on back draft hood)
  • Inspect and test hi-limit controls, cut out and cut in temperatures
  • Check, inspect, and adjust gas pressure at heating system
  • Check temperature rise
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Inspect air filter