air conditioner

Having your air conditioner stop working on the hottest day in summer is never fun, and can be concerning when you have elderly or infant family members to care for.  Fortunately, most of the time this type of emergency can be avoided. How? Routine A/C maintenance.

Think about it, your air conditioner sits outside year-round.  It spends a winter dormant and frozen, then a summer being run nearly constantly.  Like any other piece of machinery in that environment, it needs some attention to work properly the entire time.

Take a car for example, when you go for a routine oil change the mechanic also checks your other fluid levels, filters, belts, and parts of the car that influence the way that it runs. This is similar to what an HVAC Technician does during a routine maintenance check. They make sure everything runs the way that it should, and also look for any signs of wear or distress that may cause a future problem.

When we come out for an A/C tune-up we take a good hard look at the age and condition of your unit to create a customized checklist specifically for you.

What’s in an A/C tune-up? Our checklist’s include:

  • Inspection of thermostat and cycle rate
  • Inspection of the air filter
  • Clean evaporator coil drain line
  • Inspect and exercise inside breaker service condenser unit
  • Inspect and document temperature drop
  • Clean/lubricate indoor blower motor and motor assembly
  • Inspect evaporator coil drain pan if it’s accessible
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect, fuses and electrical connections servicing A/C condensing unit
  • Inspect compressor contractor and wiring
  • Inspect and cycle air conditioner controllers
  • Test compressor and motor capacitor
  • Startup of A/C system to verify operation
  • Verify refrigerant type, charge and operating pressure and temperatures