The Dave Jones, Inc. Residential Team won an impression 5 awards from builder Tim O’Brien Homes at their Vendor Appreciation Party yesterday. Of the seven awards categories, DJI received the following:

Gold Award Winner:
Foster a Safe Working Environment
Embrace Innovation
Building Teamwork through Respect

Silver Award Winner:
Synergy with Communication
Commitment to Excellence

Congratulations to the Residential Team for their commitment to safety, forward thinking, teamwork, and excellence. These awards are evidence of our Core Values in action!

Tim O’Brien Homes is a home builder in the Madison and Milwaukee areas.  Their commitment to quality and performance have earned them awards and a reputation for excellence, green building practices, design, and many more areas.  Dave Jones, Inc. is their preferred plumbing and HVAC installation company, and completes hundreds of homes a year.  For more on Tim O’Brien homes, please visit their website at