Madison, WI, January 12, 2018: The Dave Jones, Inc. team is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advance Electric LLC in Watertown, WI, effective January 1st, 2018.  The addition of an Electrical Division comes shortly after the announcement of the addition of a Framing Division in November, 2017.  “We have been talking a lot about our long term vision and goals of the organization moving forward.  One of our goals is to acquire businesses that complement our core competencies,” notes Greg Jones, Owner/President of Dave Jones, Inc.  Greg adds, “These two divisions were carefully chosen for their fit within Dave Jones, Inc.’s area of expertise and will increase our value as a subcontractor.”

About Dave Jones, Inc.:  Dave Jones, Inc. is a full service subcontractor providing plumbing, heating, cooling, fire protection, framing, and electrical installations in residential and commercial settings.  The company began in 1977, out of the garage of Dave Jones in Mount Horeb, WI, and moved to Madison in 1992 where it remains today.  Dave Jones, Inc. employs nearly 400 people throughout Southern Wisconsin.



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