My furnace stopped working – HELP!no heat

It’s the middle of winter, your family is staying with you for the holidays, and the heat in your home stops working. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but you got this. Here are the first steps that you take if your home’s heat stops working:

  1. Check to see if your thermostat is working and is set to “heat”.  Many thermostat models have batteries, and they may just need to be replaced. Easy peasy.
  2. Check your furnace filter for blockage. First, locate the on/off switch for your furnace and flip to “off”. Second, pull out your furnace filter (make note of the direction it’s facing), and visually inspect for any significant blockage. If you need to change your furnace filter and want to make sure you’re installing it in the right direction, check out our video here.
  3. Call for help.  We have emergency service 24/7.

Don’t have a no-heat problem, yet? Avoid emergencies with routine maintenance. A tune-up during regular work hours can prevent or diagnose a problem before it’s an emergency.

Going on vacation and want to be alerted if your heat goes out while you’re away? Many new thermostats have this feature! Plus, it’s extremely handy to be able to change the temperature of your home without getting out of bed.

True story: “We installed a NEST WiFi thermostat because we wanted to schedule different temperatures during the day and loved the ability to control it through the phone app. Fast forward three months and we’re on vacation, two states away. It was a high temp of 60 degrees outside when we left, and we didn’t realize we didn’t turn the heat back on before leaving. We receive an alert on our phones that our home temperature had reached a critical low of 40 degrees, any lower and we’re at risk of pipes bursting. We turned the heat on at our home while we were at the airport! The temperature notification was a feature I didn’t realize I needed, until now.” – LS